for over 30 years

From humble beginnings,  we have had three generations of our family help us grow into a company that deals with business owners, property management firms, construction companies  and nation-wide enterprises in Canada

Teaming up with key suppliers, designers and installation experts we have an enviable record of satisfied repeat customers

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Dan Vivaldi


picture of CEO

Since 2005 Dan has been the next generation leader at the firm. 

From order taking via fax and phone in the past, today much of our interaction with new clients comes  via e-mail  and  the contact form on the web site.

Repeat  business is driven  by our loyal  customers and the reputation we have built for urgency, quality  and the personal touch.

“Running at the speed of light to satisfy you”

Some  of our Clients

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Property Management, Construction, Landlords, Government and Retailers